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Botanical Features for Taxonomic Evidence of Erythroxylum monogynum Dried Leaf, Syed, Sabeena Hussain, and Namdeo Ajay Gajanan , Pharmacognosy Journal, April 2017 , Volume 9, Issue 3, p.395-399, (2017) PDF icon PDF (1006.52 KB)
Validation of Rosmarinic Acid Quantification using High- Performance Liquid Chromatography in Various Plants, Syarifah, Andiri Niza, Suryadi Herman, and Mun’im Abdul , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2022, Volume 14, Issue 1, p.165-171, (2022) PDF icon PDF (988.41 KB)
Simultaneously Extraction of Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid from Coffea canephora Bean using Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent-Based Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction, Syakfanaya, Adisya Miftah, Saputri Fadlina Chany, and Mun’im Abdul , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2019, Volume 11, Issue 2, p.267-271, (2019) PDF icon PDF (720.62 KB)
Evaluating the Therapeutic Potential of Vernonia amygdalina: A Promising Antidiabetic Agent in STZ and Nicotinamide-Induced Rat Model, Syahrian, Muhammad Faridz, I Lister Nyoman Ehrich, and Ginting Chrismis Novalinda , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2024, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.94-99, (2024) PDF icon PDF (389.13 KB)
Virtual Screening of Indonesian Herbal Database for Discovery of Procaspase-3 Activators Using Autodock and Autodock Vina, Syahdi, Rezi Riadhi, Annissa Ayu, and Yanuar Arry , Pharmacognosy Journal, Volume xx, Issue xx, p.xx-xx, (2019)
Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Some Pharmacological Properties and Microbial Activities of Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon Linn.) Seeds, Syahdi, Rezi Riadhi, Sakti Aditya Sindu, Kristiyanto Agung, Redmawati Riky, and Mun’im Abdul , Pharmacognosy Journal, January 2019, Volume 11, Issue 1, p.177-182, (2019) PDF icon PDF (528.55 KB)
Virtual Screening of Indonesian Herbal Database as alpha-Amino-3- Hydroxy-5-Methyl-4 Isoxazolepropionic Acid (AMPA) Antagonist, Syahdi, Rezi Riadhi, Martinah Chindy Dwi, and Yanuar Arry , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6, p.1204-1210, (2019) PDF icon PDF (537.96 KB)
HerbalDB 2.0: Optimization of Construction of Three-Dimensional Chemical Compound Structures to Update Indonesian Medicinal Plant Database, Syahdi, Rezi Riadhi, Iqbal Jasmine Tiara, Munim Abdul, and Yanuar Arry , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6, p.1189-1194, (2019) PDF icon PDF (636.99 KB)
Analysis of Lung TB Treatment Strategy in Pangkep District Year 2022, Syafar, Muhammad, Thaha Ridwan Mochtar, Rosmanely St., Syam Rizky Chaeraty, and A. Aprilyani Tenri Nurafni , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2023, Volume 15, Issue 4, p.524-527, (2023) PDF icon PDF (226.32 KB)
Isolation of Kojic Acid Producing Mold using Complex Carbon Sources, Suwarjo, Ines Dawiyah, Azzahra Adnina Fithra, and Suryadi Herman , Pharmacognosy Journal, August 2018, Volume 10, Issue 6, p.1089-1092, (2018) PDF icon PDF (819.89 KB)
The Role of Neuron Specific Enolase, S100B, Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein, and Myelin Basic Protein as Prognostic and Survival Values in Traumatic Brain Injury: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis, Sutrisno, Wibowo Artho, Airlangga Prananda Surya, Wungu Citrawati Dyah Kenco, Kriswidyatomo Prihatma,, Semedi Bambang Pujo, and , Pharmacognosy Journal, April 2024, Volume 16, Issue 2, p.478-484, (2024) PDF icon PDF (663.81 KB)
Anti-inflammatory Effect of Phyllanthus niruri L. from Indonesia (Pre-clinical Study), Sutrisna, Em,, Wahyuni Sri, and S Tanti Azizah , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6, p.1347-1350, (2019) PDF icon PDF (340.92 KB)
Antibacterial Effect of Nigella sativa L. Seed from Indonesia, Sutrisna, Em, Wahyuni Sri, and Fitriani Aris , Pharmacognosy Journal, January 2023, Volume 14, Issue 6s, p.1029-1032, (2022) PDF icon PDF (989.53 KB)
The Role of CYP3A4 and CYP2C8 Polymorphism on Amiodarone Responses: Review Article, Sutrisna, Em , Pharmacognosy Journal, June 2023, Volume 15, Issue 3, p.467-470, (2023) PDF icon PDF (276.21 KB)
Poikilodermatous Mycosis Fungoides: A Rare Case Treated with Low-Dose Methotrexate, Sutedja, Eva Krishna, Sutisna Frizam Dwindamuld, Sutedja Endang, Ruchiatan Kartika, Faldian Yogi, Tsaqilah Laila, Usman Hermin Aminah, and Rivanzah Yovan , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2024, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.276-279, (2024) PDF icon PDF (715.82 KB)
An Ulcerative Cutaneous Plasmacytosis of the Scalp, Sutedja, Eva Krishna, Yustiana Eva, Faldian Yogi, and Usman Hermin Aminah , Pharmacognosy Journal, April 2024, Volume 16, Issue 2, p.378-381, (2024) PDF icon PDF (728.07 KB)
Estrogenic Effect of the Leaves from Katuk (Sauropus androgynus L. Merr) on Vaginal and Endometrial Atrophy in Perimenopausal Mice, Susilowati, Retno, Khoiriyah Lailatul, and Hikmah Exma Mutatal , Pharmacognosy Journal, March 2020, Volume 12, Issue 2, p.240-245, (2020) PDF icon PDF (2.57 MB)
The Alkaloid Fraction from Melicope latifolia Leaves Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus, Susiloningrum, Dwi, Permanasari Adita Ayu, Adianti Myrna, Tumewu Lidya, Wahyuni Tutik Sri, Tanjung Mulyadi, Widyawaruyanti Aty, and Hafid Achmad Fuad , Pharmacognosy Journal, May 2020, Volume 12, Issue 3, p.535-540 , (2020) PDF icon PDF (637.72 KB)
Hepatoprotective Effect of Ganoderma applanatum Crude Polysaccharides on Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Early Liver Fibrosis in Mice, Susilo, Raden Joko Kunco, Winarni Dwi, Husen Saikhu Akhmad, Hayaza Suhailah, Wahyuningsih Sri Puji Astut, Doong Ruey-An, and Darmanto Win , Pharmacognosy Journal, November 2021, Volume 13, Issue 6, p.1428-1436, (2021) PDF icon PDF (4.6 MB)
Comparison between High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography and High Performance Liquid Chromatography Methods for Determination of Rubraxanthone in the Stem Bark Extract of Garcinia cowa Roxb, Susanti, Meri, Ibrahim Sanusi, Harahap Yahdiana, and , Pharmacognosy Journal, November 2018, Volume 10, Issue 6s, p.s42-s47, (2018) PDF icon PDF (542.69 KB)
The Influence of Vitamin D3 Administration on the Levels of CGRP, Glutamate, and NLRP3 during the Ictal Phase in Chronic Migraine Patients, Susanti, Restu, Syafrita Yuliarni,, Rita Rauza Sukma, Darwin Eryati, Lipoeto Nur Indrawaty, Ali Hirowati, and Anggraini Fika Tri , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2023, Volume 15, Issue 6, p.1052-1058, (2023) PDF icon PDF (417.88 KB)
Hypoxic Preconditioning Decrease ROS and Increase SOD Expression in Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Cell, I Suryawan, Gde Rurus,, Cahyaningtias Ratna Dewi, and Al-Farabi Makhyan Jibril , Pharmacognosy Journal, May 2020, Volume 12, Issue 3, p.430-435, (2020) PDF icon PDF (1.67 MB)
Characterization Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose from Alpha Cellulose Betung Bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper), Suryadi, Herman,, and Fauziah Ghina , Pharmacognosy Journal, September 2019, Volume 11, Issue 5, p.894-900, (2019) PDF icon PDF (1.11 MB)
Development of Ethosome Containing Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia Linn.) Fruit Fraction and In Vitro Skin Penetration, Surini, Silvia, Arnedy Antik R., and Iswandana Raditya , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6, p.1242-1251, (2019) PDF icon PDF (1.29 MB)
Effects of Acalypha indica L. Extract on Inflammatory Response in The Pathogenesis of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: An Overview of TLR9, NFκB and TNFα Expression in Hepatocytes and Macrophages of Sprague-Dawley Rats, Supriatna, Novianti, Siregar Nurjati Chairani, Purwaningsih Erni Hernawati, and Erlina Linda , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2022, Volume 14, Issue 6, p.710-719, (2022) PDF icon PDF (934.74 KB)