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Effect of Perillyl Alcohol (POH) A Monoterpene on Lipid Peroxidation and Antioxidant Status in High Fat Diet-Low Dose STZ Induced Type 2 Diabetes in Experimental Rats, Hassan, Towseef, C Elanchezhiyan, Naseer Insha, and Marimuthu S , Pharmacognosy Journal, November 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6s, p.1434-1441, (2019) PDF icon PDF (677.86 KB)
Effect of Sacha Inchi Oil (Plukenetia volubilis L.) on Genotoxicity in Mice (Mus musculus) and Subchronic Toxicity in Goldfish (Carassius auratus), Herrera-Calderon, Oscar, Arroyo-Acevedo Jorge Luis, Chávez-Asmat Roberto, Rojas-Armas Juan Pedro, Enciso-Roca Edwin, Cerrate Victor Chumpitaz, Franco-Quino César, Chacaltana-Ramos Luz, and Yuli-Posadas Ricardo Ángel , Pharmacognosy Journal, November 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6s, p.1549-1557, (2019) PDF icon PDF (1.29 MB)
Ethanol Extract Activity of Pegagan Embun (Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides L.) Against Hematopoietic on Anemic Male White Mice, Husni, Elidahanum, Dillasamola Dwisari, Badriyya Elsa, Angelia Resta, and Aldi Yufri , Pharmacognosy Journal, July 2021, Volume 13, Issue 4, p.866-873, (2021) PDF icon PDF (1.52 MB)
The Effect of Ethanol Extract of Moringa Leaf (Moringa oleifera Lam) Against the Activity and Capacity of Phagocytosis of Macrofag Cells and the Percentage of Leukosit Cells of White Mice, Husni, Elidahanum, Badriyya Elsa, Putri Luqyana, and Aldi Yufri , Pharmacognosy Journal, May 2021, Volume 13, Issue 3, p.706-712, (2021) PDF icon PDF (653.45 KB)
The Extract of Kincung Flower (Etlingera elatior (Jack) R.M.Sm.) Activity to Decrease IL-4 and IgE Levels in Type I Hypersensitivity White Male Mice, Husni, Elidahanum, Yesika Relin, and Aldi Yufri , Pharmacognosy Journal, June 2020, Volume 12, Issue 4, p.682-686, (2020) PDF icon PDF (489.44 KB)
Emilia Sonchifolia-A Critical and Comprehensive Review of its Diverse Medicinal Potential and Future as Therapeutic, Hussain, Sardar, KP Komal, and C Guruvayoorappan , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2023, Volume 15, Issue 6, p.1143-1149, (2023) PDF icon PDF (1.03 MB)
Effect of Lactobacillus Plantarum IS-10506 on Paneth Cell Regeneration in the Ileum of Sprague Dawley Rats, Hutama, Rasio Putra, Athiyyah Alpha Fardah, Ranuh I.G.M. Reza Gunad, Darma Andy, Sumitro Khadijah Rizky, Riawan Wibi, Surono Ingrid S., and Sudarmo Subijanto Marto , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2023, Volume 15, Issue 5, p.928-932, (2023) PDF icon PDF (1.71 MB)
Evaluation of Antibacterial Activity of Lemongrass Oil Against Oral Clinical Isolates – An In vitro Study, Ilango, Paavai, Suresh Vasugi, Vummidi1 Ayswarya V., Ravel Vanessa, Chandran Veejai, Mahalingam Arulpari, and Reddy Vineela Katam , Pharmacognosy Journal, September 2019, Volume 11, Issue 5, p.1023-1028, (2019) PDF icon PDF (2.39 MB)
Effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on the Expression of FGF, MMP-9 and Occludin in the Repair of Gastric Mucosal Erosions, M. Ilmawan, Fathi,, M. Suryokusumo Guritno, and Miftahussurur M. , Pharmacognosy Journal, June 2022, Volume 14, Issue 3, p.660-671, (2022) PDF icon PDF (1.09 MB)
The Effect of Elderly Hadrah Gymnastics on Muscle Strength and Scope of Motion of Lower Extremity Joints in Elderly with Osteoarthritis (Martapura River Region, South Kalimantan), Ilmi, Bahrul,, Rizani Akhmad,, Mallongi Anwar, and Palutturi Sukri , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2023, Volume 15, Issue 6, p.1126-1131, (2023) PDF icon PDF (166.32 KB)
Effect of Trigonella Foenum Graecum Seed Extract on Entero- Insular Axis by Oral Glucose Tolerance Test in Albino Rats, Inbaraj, SD, and Muniappan M , Pharmacognosy Journal, October 2019, Volume 11, Issue 6, p.1371-1375, (2019) PDF icon PDF (291.71 KB)
The effect of Sinensetin and Imperatorin on A-549 lung cancer cell viability in vitro, Indriyanti, Raden Anita, Ariyanto Eko Fuji, Usman Hermin Aminah, Effendy Ristaniah Rose, and Dhianawaty Diah , Pharmacognosy Journal, March 2023, Volume 15, Issue 1, p.38-46, (2023) PDF icon PDF (659.38 KB)
The Ethanolic Extract of Rhinachantus nasutus (L.) Kurz Flower has Antioxidant, Anti-Gout, and Antibacterial Potential, Irawan, Candra, Elya Berna, Hanafi Muhammad, and Saputri Fadlina Chany , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2022, Volume 14, Issue 6, p.867-872, (2022) PDF icon PDF (1.73 MB)
Estimation of Phytochemical, Vitamins Composition and Antioxidant Activity of Pelargonium inquinans Leaves, Izuegbuna, Ogochukwu, Otunola Gloria, and Bradley Graeme , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2019, Volume 11, Issue 2, p.237-244, (2019) PDF icon PDF (725.51 KB)
Evaluation of Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha, Insulin, glucose, HbA1c% and HOMA-IR as Predictors for Cardiovascular Diseases in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes, Jabber, Haider Nasser, Charfeddine Bassem, and Abbas Hamed Jaddoa , Pharmacognosy Journal, February 2024, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.195-201, (2024) PDF icon PDF (216.66 KB)
Evaluation of Anti-psoriatic Potential of the Fruit Rind of Punica granatum L., Jacob, Janani, R Gopalan, P Lakshmanaperumalsamy, Illuri Ramanaiah, Bhosle Damaji, Sangli Gopala Krishna, and Mundkinajeddu Deepak , Pharmacognosy Journal, May 2019, Volume 11, Issue 3, p.466-468, (2019) PDF icon PDF (432.33 KB)
Evaluation of Antidiabetic Activity of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Cassia fistula Linn. pod in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats, Jangir, Ram Niwas, and Jain Gyan Chand , Pharmacognosy Journal, July 2017, Volume 9, Issue 5, p.599-606, (2017) PDF icon PDF (460.26 KB)
Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Some Medicinal Plants and their Combination, Joshi, Tanuj, and Juyal Vijay , Pharmacognosy Journal, March 2021, Volume 13, Issue 2, p.596-599, (2021) PDF icon PDF (173.17 KB)
Evaluation of Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory and Antioxidant Activities of Three Organs of Idat (Cratoxylum glaucum Korth.) and Correlation with Phytochemical Cont, Juanda, Dadang, Fidrianny Irda, Wirasutisna Komar Ruslan, and Insanu Muhamad , Pharmacognosy Journal, July 2021, Volume 13, Issue 4, p.971-976, (2021) PDF icon PDF (411.63 KB)
Effect of various extracts of Ocimum sanctum and Mallotus phillipensis on Setaria digitata, Kalarickal, Deepa Chundayil, Samraj Sujith, Udayan Darsana, Narayanan Priya Manakkulap, Ramachandran Sreedevi, and Gouri Sreeshitha Sreedharan , Pharmacognosy Journal, Nov-Dec 2015, Volume 7, Issue 6, p.344-347, (2015) PDF icon PDF (288.79 KB)
Efficacy of Combined Relaxed Deep-Breathing with Chest Mobilization Exercise and Vernonia cinerea-Hard Candy on Smoking Cessation and Oxidative Stress in Active Teenage Smokers, Kanthain, Rungtiwa, Leelarungrayub Jirakrit, Likhitsathian Surinporn, and Natakankitkul Surapol , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2022, Volume 14, Issue 6, p.720-727, (2022) PDF icon PDF (1.39 MB)
Estrogenic Effect of Methanolic Extract of Avicennia alba Blume. Aerial Parts in Female Wistar Albino Rats, Kar, D R., Ghosh G, and Sahu P K. , Pharmacognosy Journal, 26th May 2014, Volume 6, Issue 4, p.53-58, (2014)
Effects of Miana (Coleus scutellariodes (L) Benth) to Expression of mRNA IL-37 in Balb/c Mice Infected Candida albicans, Karo, Marni, Hatta Mochammad, Salma WaOde, Patellongi Ilhamjaya, and Natzir Rosdiana , Pharmacognosy Journal, December 2017, Volume 10, Issue 1, p.16-19, (2018) PDF icon PDF (622.83 KB)
Evaluation of Anti-Anxiety Effect of Brassica oleracea L. Extracts in Experimental Animals, Kaur, Divneet, Shri Richa, and Kamboj Anjoo , Pharmacognosy Journal, July 2017, Volume 9, Issue 5, p.638-643, (2017) PDF icon PDF (1 MB)
Evaluation of Hepatoprotective Potential of Rhododendron arboreum Sm. Stem Bark as Abhava Pratinidhi Dravya (Substitute) of Rohitaka (Tecomella undulata (Sm.) Seem.) Against Paracetamol Induced Hepatotoxicity in Experimental Rats, Keshari, Puneshwar,, and Bhat Sudhakar , Pharmacognosy Journal, September 2019, Volume 11, Issue 5, p.1148-1154, (2019) PDF icon PDF (1.58 MB)