Microscopic Characterization of Croton cordiifolius Baill. (Euphorbiaceae)



Cross-sections of the root, stem and petiole of Croton cordiifolius Baill. Root: A. general view. B. crystals and starch. Stem: C. cortical region. D. crystals and starch. E,F. medullar region and vascular system. Petiole: G. general view. H. stellate trichome. I. simple trichome. J. glandular trichome. K. crystals and starch. co: collenchyma, dr: druse, ep: epidermis, fi: fiber, gt: glandular trichome, lat: laticifer, lic: lignified cell, ngt: non-glandular trichome, pa: parenchyma, pc: prismatic crystal, pd: peridermis, ph: phloem, scl: sclerenchyma, sta: starch, stc: stone cell, vb: vascular bundle, xy: xylem. Bars: A,C,E: 200 μm. B,D,F,H,I,J,K: 50 μm. G: 500 μm.

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Alves IA, Sá RD, Cadena MB, Ximenes RM, Randau KP. Microscopic Characterization of Croton cordiifolius Baill. (Euphorbiaceae). Pharmacognosy Journal. 2017;9(3):361-366.PDF icon PDF (1.9 MB)