Anti-diabetic Properties of Thymoquinone is unassociated with Glycogen Phosphorylase Inhibition

Antibacterial Activity of Tinctures from Tree leaves belonging to the Bignoniaceae family and their Synergistic Effect with Antibiotics

Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and In vitro Anti-helmenthic activity of Achyranthes aspera Leaf extract

Pharmacognostical Standardisation and HPTLC quantification of Gallic acid in Homonoia riparia Lour. Pharmacognostical studies of Homonoia riparia

Inhibition of Bacillus anthracis growth by Australian native plants used traditionally as antibacterial medicines

Pharmacognostical Standardisation and HPTLC Quantification of Gallic acid in Homonoia riparia Lour

Assessment of Acute and Subacute Toxicity of the Total Dichloromethane-Ethanol Extract of Morinda morindoides (Baker) Milne-Redh (ETDE) on Rats

Chemical Profile of Essential oil of ocimum gratissimum l. and Evaluation of Antibacterial and Drug Resistance-modifying Activity by Gaseous Contact Method

Phytochemical and Antidiabetic Evaluation of the Methanolic Stem Bark Extract of Spathodea campanulata (P. Beauv.) Bignoniaceae


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